Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day Questionnaire for Kids

I always loved the cute little questionnaire from the kids that the preschool teachers filled out for us for Mother's and Father's day.  I've always had a good laugh at some of the answers, but some of the answers were also very sweet.  Now that I am a preschool teacher myself, I wanted to do the same for all the moms of my students.  As I am interviewing my students, I am definitely getting a kick out of some of the responses.  I hope you enjoy using this free printable with your students or child(ren) as well.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Magnetic Discovery Bottles for Preschoolers

I got this magnetic discovery bottle idea from Frugal Fun for Boys and decided this would be something fun for my preschool classroom.  My daughter helped me make the bottles.  However, she had so much fun playing with them herself....that she actually wanted me to buy more bottles so she could have some of her own discovery bottles to play with.

-Plastic 2-liter soda bottles
-Pipe cleaners
-Paper clips
-Glue gun (optional)

First, peel the label off your 2-liter bottle and make sure it's washed and dried.  Then add your paper clips.  For the pipe cleaners, just cut them into inch long pieces.

Here's what our bottles looked like when we were finished.

For the little ones, I would recommend glue gunning the lid so they can't open it and swallow the contents of the bottle.

Then just have fun!

We hadn't glued our lids down....

So my daughter took the magnetic wand...

and took all the pipe cleaner pieces out of the bottle.  

She really had a lot of fun with these bottles!