Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting With Water

Temperatures have been warming up the past couple of days, so we decided to go outside a play with water.  My daughter's teacher in her mommy and me class always has a fresh bucket of water and paintbrushes for the kids to play with, and so I bought some supplies for us to play with at home.  This will be an activity we'll definitely be repeating into the summer!

-Paint Roller Tray
-Paint brushes (different sizes)
-Roller brushes


First fill some buckets up with water.

Then dip your paint brush or paint rollers into the water.

And start painting away!

Drawing with a paintbrush can be fun...

But the paint rollers were even a bigger hit with the kids.

Time to refill our buckets with water!

Painting away...

My daughter was happily painting the concrete...

but then she had a bright idea.....she decided it would be fun to paint mommy!  I captured her sneaky little smile as she was running up to me with her paint brush.